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Know Where John Stands on the Issues Facing Clark County

League of Women Voters Forum

Why John Wants to be a Legislator 


Simple Majority Voting for School Building Bonds

Voting Laws

Road Use Tax


I-5 Bridge Replacement

2023 - 2025 Budget Surplus

College Financial Support

Why You Should Vote for John

The Columbian Editorial Interview

Know where John stands on Key Issues

3:48 - 6:45:  Why John's Running

7:03 - 9:15:  Budget Surplus and School Funding

15:48 - 18:40:  Safety and Law Enforcement  
*John was the first candidate to announce support of bringing a regional police training facility to SW WA

19:50 - 20:11:  Abortion Rights 

24:00 - 26:00:  Career and Technical programs - pathways to college and trade

26:13 - 28:05:  Climate Change

33:21 - 35:10:  I-5 Bridge Replacement  

38:16 - 38:44:  2020 Election and Safety of Washington Election System

39:01 - 41:27:  Why you should vote for John Zingale
Student Graduation


I am hopeful for our future, I see thoughtfulness, curiosity, and excitement in my classroom everyday. However, I also see students and families struggling, and gaps in education funding. It's time to make sure all students can be successful by fully funding our schools to ensure no door or opportunity is closed on our children.

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Healthcare is a human right. We need to work towards having a system that allows everyone access to the care they need. This will ensure that all people not only get the care that they should have, but it will also lower costs. Abortion care is healthcare and we fortify this right even further in Washington. We must work to guarantee that it won't ever be taken away. Healthcare should not be something that only some can get. 




Let's create a district that is friendly to small business owners. Small business growth is vital to the economic prosperity of this region and we need to make it more rewarding for small business owners to build in our communities and invest in their employees. I will work hard to foster relationships within the  small business community as a steward of this region and as an elected official.

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Housing & 


The strength of our community depends on the hard working people of Southwest Washington. We must champion family wage jobs and create more affordable housing in our district. A path to the middle class is paramount to ensuring our community can grow and prosper for years to come. It shouldn’t be just a dream, it must be attainable for everyone.

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