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John has spent almost a decade teaching public school. He has won numerous awards for his dedication and innovation in the classroom. He has also presented in front of regional and national organizations of teachers about the implementation of various technological advancements in the classroom.


My job is to inspire kids and show them the connection between history and life. I literally love everything that I do. Being in the classroom around kids has inspired my decision to run because I want to teach them that they can make a difference in their community. Kids are the ones asking the tough questions about the future and we owe them answers about how we’re working to make it better.

Zingale earned his Masters in Teaching from the University of Portland and his Bachelors Degree from Northern Illinois University. He oversees the school-wide National History Day Competition, runs field trips to Washington, D.C., and is a partner with the Fort Vancouver National Historic Site and the National Parks Service.

Before teaching, John began his work, and union career, in the grocery retail business. He started his 16+ year career at age 15 bagging groceries in Illinois for Jewel-Osco. He worked his way up the company ladder from bagger, to cashier, to grocery manager, etc., all the way Assistant Store Director before transferring and moving to the Pacific Northwest. 

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